Sunday, 12 April 2009

Rani Chandra

15, inquisitive, smart and sassy. Wants to be a journalist, a sort of junior Sarah Jane, and thus idolises Sarah Jane just a little and in return, Sarah Jane takes her happily on her investigations. Gets on well with her parents, although she's always embarrassed that her dad is the new Head Teacher at Park Vale. Rani enjoys Luke's company because they're both quite bright and eager to learn. However, she's equally fond of Clyde because he's cool and a bit rebellious, and has charm.

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  1. SJA Is the best series ever i love it very much i watch it every time its on even though i've seen them all mofn them still intresting and amazing every on should watch it you will love it very much and i love (Tommy Knight)as (Luke Smith) he is soooo sexy and buff love him very much